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Kotzilla, unleash your Kotlin power

Bringing open source technologies to help you focus on speed, productivity & simplicity.

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Upgrade your Kotlin Development


A pragmatic lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin developers. Koin is a DSL, a light container, and a pragmatic API

Koin Annotations

Bring the power of Kotlin Plugins and Annotations to leverage the initial power of Koin framework

Koin for Compose

Jetpack Compose, Jetbrains Compose technologies powered by Koin

Since 2017, we built a strong experience and efficient tools to empower open-source community and Kotlin users. 

With 4,5+ million downloads in March 22 and thousands of visitors each day on our documentation site, we are offering you a recognized and a widely used solution package to improve reliability, efficiency and productivity of your Kotlin code!


Who We Are

Open-Source Tech Makers

Kotzilla is the key partner to support your Kotlin development projects.

Our team is dedicated to speed-up your Kotlin/Android developments based on open-source technologies. 

We highly value open-source mindsets and we desire to provide reactive and professional support on top of creating new tools in this dynamic environment.

Be, and be recognized as, a key building block to the Kotlin community, providing state-of-the-art tools and efficient support to all users around the world

 Providing high-value tools and professional support to the Kotlin community.

K – Kotlin passionates

O – Open-Source Spirit

T – Trustability

Z – Zarathustra (guess what, not so easy to find a value starting by « Z »!)

I – Ingenuity tools

L – Leadership on tech vision

L – Loyalty to our community

A – Accountability for users and customers