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Support for Kotzilla Technologies

Kotzilla’ services and support are empowering your investments in open-source technologies

 We are providing you all the resources you need to initiate, accelerate, and expand your open-source development journey.


Our experts ensure a robust support to eliminate any hurdles you might encounter. We are here to investigate any specific case you have and offer quick solutions to implement.
High availability rate of our technologies is our priority.


Our consultants help your teams gain comprehensive, practical experience with the open-source technologies that work together to improve flexibility, efficiency, and foster innovation.
We can also customize solutions to address your needs in key areas.

Koin 2022 Roadmap

Beta test and community support


Our Beta test releases are here to ensure a strong and deep open-source approach. Gathering community feedbacks and proposals is key to elaborate the best stable version possible. 

Once the new version released, we start the Community support phase for 6 months minimum. During that phase, we are actively gathering feedbacks, following all updates impacting our framework, like librairies, Kotling Android, Ktor and others frameworks versions.

Long Term Support (LTS)

To strengthen our professional support and secure corporate users, we are now implementing a LTS approach. For each new minor or major version launch, we guarantee 9 months of support on previous version. As example, once we launch 3.2.0 version, we guarantee 9 months support on 3.1.X versions.

During LTS of a version, we are focusing on:

  1.  bugfixes & follow-up on dependency fix updates,
  2. professional support from Kotzilla’s experts
  3. publicly available releases for critical bugfixes and security issues

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