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Koin - Kotlin Dependency Injection for KTOR

Koin is a pragmatic lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin developers. It’s a DSL, a light container, and a pragmatic API

We believe in the power of simple API to help you build your applications. It takes the power of the Kotlin language to help you simply and assemble your Kotlin components for any Android, Ktor and more globally any kind of Kotlin application.

The Kotlin Dependency Injection

Koin framework lets you build your dependency injection in a breeze, with simple API and Kotlin DSL.

Scale for Production

Already used by thousands of companies in the world, Koin is ready to scale in production.

Kotlin Backend Architecture & Development

Koin is ready to help you create complex Kotlin Ktor applications, and help you focus on your business, not your tools.

Kotlin Native Ready

Using the power of Kotlin, Koin provides easy dependency injection across multiple platforms.

Kotlin Ecosystem

Koin connects on top of the Kotlin ecosystem: KMM (cross-platform mobile development), Jetpack Compose ...

Technical Support & Long Term Releases

Our engineers are here to help you build solutions with Kotzilla technologies. We also maintain support for releases over time, in order to help you keep your production safe.

Ready to Start?

Describe your components

					val appModule = module {
     single<UserRepository> { UserRepositoryImpl() }
     single { UserService(get()) }

Just inject with Koin

					fun Application.main() {
    install(Koin) {

    // Lazy inject HelloService
    val service by inject<UserService>()

    // Routing section
    routing {
        get("/hello") {
Koin @ Github

Koin is an open-source project and hosted on github


The project documentation is available online

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